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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Surplus and Scarcity

After about three weeks of use, I finally hit 1 MB in my Gmail account. Boy, that didn't take long at all! Assuming that it could eventually hit 1 MB per week as I use it more, that means I'm going to run out of space in only...19 years. Wow.

It kind of reminds me of older people I know who lived during the Depression. They grew up in a time of real scarcity, so they still tend to be very frugal and careful. I guess my generation is the same way with storage space and CPU cycles. Even though I know it's going to take years to fill up a gigabyte of email space, I still catch myself thinking, "I should really just trash this instead of archiving it in order to save space." The email in question was all of about 30 KB. After all, I've only got room for 33,000 messages that size!

A few very neat art programs I've either stumbled across or been pointed toward by friends are ArtStudio, ArtRage, and Virtual Figure Drawing Studio. All very neat and cheap for playing around with. And speaking of neat and cheap, Cheap Joe's is a pretty neat place.


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