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Monday, June 28, 2004

Just a few more yard tools...

...and my journey from idealistic natural landscaper to suburban lawn jockey will be complete.

Right after Heather Marie and I got married, we lived in a duplex with a small yard. A non-powered push mower (yes, they still make them), and a non-powered edger sufficed, and all was well. Next came a weed eater, for the places the mower just couldn't go, but still, all was well.

I really liked the push mower, actually. They're super quiet, non-polluting, and offer a far superior cut is several ways. They also require you to mow at least once a week to remain effective. That was fine until we were out of town for two weeks in the middle of summer. Thus the purchase of a gas mower.

Then we moved into the house, and after a year of trying to keep up with the weeds by pulling them by hand, I finally relented last spring and put down some herbicide. Industrial strength, golf course style stuff that I got from a friend who sells it to golf courses (I kid thee not). She described it as chemo-therapy for your lawn: it really isn't good for anything, but it doesn't kill bermuda grass quite as fast, so it will hopefully bounce back faster than the rest. After the results I got from that, I'm now gleefully drop-spreading all sorts of toxins on my yard and spraying Round-Up on anything that's not supposed to be there. Forget Round-Up Ready Soybeans, gimme some Round-Up Ready Bermuda!

I know, I'm weak.

This weekend, I finally broke down and bought an electric edger. Much easier than either the manual one (which I'd never gotten to work real well, honestly) or holding the weed eater upside down.

I'm not really sure what other power tools I might need. A hedge trimmer? Seems superfluous without a hedge. A leaf blower? No leaves, but I suppose it could do for grass clippings. Maybe a nice chainsaw?


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