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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

I Hate VB

I really hate VB. Once more for good measure: Really, really hate VB.

There, I feel better now. Just spent an entire day at work trying to figure out why a relatively small Visual Basic program is exhibiting seemingly random changes in behavior. My best guess now is that something non-obvious is happening in one of the two dozen acursed global variables this thing uses. Yes, I know that global variables are a symptom of poor design rather than VB itself. No, I didn't write it, I just maintain it.

I've tried to like VB (well, a couple of times, anyway), and it just doesn't click for me. I guess it's because I come from the C lineage or something. I can only assume that people going from VB to C languages have similar issues. (I've heard that VB.NET is more C-programmer-friendly, but when I'm doing .NET stuff, I see no compelling reason to choose VB over C#.) I just feel like VB gets in the way of what I'm trying to express.

Aside from spending most of the day in a VB-induced haze, though, not a bad day. Had some tasty pizza for lunch, a good walk with the wife and dog this afternoon,, that's about it, but sometimes that's enough.


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