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Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Your Friendly Neighborhood Geckoman

We had a pretty good Independence Day here in the Ozarks. The high point of the holiday weekend was probably Spider-Man 2. If you haven't seen it yet, go soon. Now. Run. It's an awesome movie. Good enough that I'm very tempted to get the video game, which is high praise indeed. I won't argue very hard with those who've proclaimed it the best superhero movie ever.

Heather Marie and I were able to catch up on a little yardwork between thunderstorms. My office ceiling at work finally sprung a leak last week. The most disturbing part is that because of the way the leak suddenly developed, it was obvious that the water had been pooling for some time in the attic/crawl space, where the squirrels and possums and things nest. "Nasty" falls so far short of describing the water's condition as to become a compliment.

Weremoose hooked me up with a Gmail account last week (Thanks, Lance!) It's every bit as slick and fast as you've heard. The best part to me, though, is that the keyboard hotkeys are based on the commands in Pine. It's like going home again! None of the usual variations on my real name were available, but Geckoman was, and I'm ok with that.


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