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Thursday, July 08, 2004

Stayin' Cool

I was finally able to pry open one of the windows in my office in order to install an AC unit, so hopefully I'll be able to stay nice and cool the rest of the summer. Or at least not sweltering hot. There were a couple of scary moments when I realized the entire outer wall was moving each time I hit the window frame. Not just shaking, but actually bowing outward. Fortunately, nothing collapsed, especially since I'm on the second floor. Can't wait until our new building is completed.

Observant readers will also notice that I now have a favicon associated with my blog. It's the little lizard next to the URL in the location bar. Yes, that's supposed to be a lizard. I only had 16x16 to work with, so gimme a break.

I'm also glad to report that I'm minus 8 lbs. as of this morning about three weeks into my weightloss program. Whoo hoo!

We're heading down to see our parents this weekend, coming back Monday night, so it should be a fun weekend.


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