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Sunday, February 26, 2006

Fast Typing

Not some kind of late-binding language typing, actual fast text entry. It's 11:46, and I've just reached a good Seaside tutorial stopping place, and I need to blog fast to make my midnight deadline.

Heather Marie and I went out to Gulley Park in Fayetteville this afternoon to play Frisbee Golf, only to discover that the golf course had been removed. After I got to thinking about it, I do think I vaguely recall something in the news about that, but it was still disappointing at the time. It was probably just as well, though, since it turned out that Heather wasn't too good at throwing a frisbee anyway, and trying to play golf with one would've been really frustrating for both of us.

Instead we just spent an hour or so practicing throwing one back and forth, and by the end she was getting pretty good. I don't know how she managed to grow up without learning that, but then I guess she lacked the weeks of practice I got during trips to Philmont.


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