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Thursday, February 16, 2006

Blogger Without A Topic

Nothing terribly interesting going on today. Heather Marie and I took the afternoon off to run some errands in Rogers, and we were indoors during the weather change. When we went in, the temp was in the 70s. When we came out an hour later, it was in the 40s. Crazy. We're glad to finally get some seasonal weather, though.

Then tonight while Heather was gone to teach her belly dance class, I took the opportunity to catch up on some long-delayed work on my laptop. Well, actually, to be more precise, I took the opportunity to fall asleep in our armchair with my iBook on my lap and Live and Let Die on the TV.

I was watching Bond because I didn't think there were any Olympic events tonight that particularly interested me, though. Fortunately, Heather Marie came home and changed the channel in time for me to catch the mens' snowboard cross. Now that's a cool sport! Not quite as awesome as rocketing down a hill at 80 mph, but still pretty neat, and a lot of fun to watch.


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