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Friday, February 17, 2006

Let It Snow

Thank goodness it's finally Friday! Work was a little frustrating this week, with some things still changing enough to interfere with stuff I needed to work on. Hopefully they're settling down and firming up now.

That frustration made spending the evening with Heather Marie even nicer than it would have been otherwise. We lit a fire in the fireplace, ordered pizza, and played games while watching the Olympics and letting the snow (well, mostly sleet) fall outside. Now we're just hoping that the museum will be closed tomorrow, so she won't have to go to work and we can spend the day snuggled up all warm inside.

On the 80's nostalgia front, I heard on Paul Harvey today that the Navy's last F-14 Tomcat flew its last mission this week. Wow. Growing up, that was the coolest plane ever, even before Top Gun came out. I hadn't realized that they were being phased out already. I thought they were still going to be around until the new joint strike fighter was ready. Kind of a piece of my childhood flying off into the sunset.


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