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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Snow Light

The title isn't a typo for "light snow," since that definitely doesn't describe the weather here this weekend. The "1 to 3 inches" of snow the local weather guys predicted last night turned into more like 5 to 6 inches while we slept.

I got up to get something from the kitchen at about 1am this morning, and I happened to look out the sliding glass door. It was beautiful! The snow was falling pretty heavily, and the diffused light shining through it illuminated the backyard like twilight. I love nights like that! You could've read by the light, but it was so diffuse that there were almost no shadows.

Unfortunately, Heather Marie still had to go to work this morning. I wasn't about to let her try to drive herself, so I took her, and carried along my laptop and some other stuff to work on, reasoning that it would be better to spend the day at the museum, thereby only making one round trip instead of two. Since we mostly got snow, the roads weren't too bad, but I still drove the whole way at about 25 mph.

As it turns out, I spent the entire time working on some Access database issues for them. That was kind of fun, in a way. It was a small, finite problem, and something I could mostly finish in just a few hours. So even though I groused like an old badger at having to drive around today, it was actually pretty reinvigorating. The only real drawback was that all the code was written in Visual Basic, which is, of course, my favorite language in the world.


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