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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I am an Introvert

Yes, although it may come as a surprise to people who have never met me, I am an introvert. I've had a couple of discussions lately where the topic has come up, and we've talked about what it means to be introverted. Then today, in a wonderful example of synchronicity, I ran across two related articles about being an introvert.

It had never really occurred to me before that introverts might actually be unintentionally oppressed. It was always obvious to me that extroverts had enormous social advantages, but I hadn't considered that those advantages might be parlayed into political and economic advantages. Now that it's been pointed out to me, it's painfully obvious, of course.

I did find it amusing, though, that the concepts of introverts and extroverts were new to the author in the late 90's, when I'd been hearing of the theory most of my life.

So I think there really could be some benefit from an Introvert Awareness Movement of some kind. Unfortunately, none of us are the people who could really spearhead it. What horrible irony, huh?


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