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Sunday, February 04, 2007

Story o' the Day

So far so good, as I managed to post yet another story today. Eco-friendly Illuminated Instrument can be found here.

Just a few brief words about the experience so far. I'm actually a little frustrated, since all three stories so far have been significantly longer than I'd intended. They've been 1311, 1934, and 1384 words, which is significantly longer than the 500-1000 words I'd anticipated. I think those totals will come down some as the month progresses, though, especially as I start writing on weeknights instead of weekends.

Also, the stories have undergone basically zero editing. I've been doing some minor wordsmithing during the initial writing, but other than that, the changes are limited to little more than spellchecking and correcting names that changed later in the story. In fact, I haven't even reread any of them, so what you're getting really is the rough draft of a story.

I fully expect that they'll be strange, incomprehensible, confusing, rambling, incoherent, or all of the above. Deal with it. I've never claimed otherwise, so don't be surprised or disappointed. :-)


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