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Saturday, November 11, 2006

Chicago, Day 1

We had a pretty quick, uneventful flight to Chicago this morning, which just how I like my flights.

We're staying at the Talbott Hotel, and it is nice. It's not overbearingly opulent, but it is good, and friendly, with lots of nice amenities (like free wifi). The reviews say it's in the "European service" tradition, whatever that means. If it means good, fast, courteous service, then I'd say that's accurate.

We took a shuttle from O'Hare, which was slower than a cab, but also a lot cheaper, and dropping off the other passengers gave us a great chance to get a quick dime tour of a lot of the area we'll be spending time in.

After checking in, we unpacked and relaxed for a bit in the room, then walked over to Gino's Pizza for supper. Great pizza! The combination of enormous amounts of food, sound, and the graffiti-covered walls was a little overwhelming, though.

On the way back to the hotel, we walked along Michigan Avenue, which was pretty impressive to a couple of country kids.

You can see today's photos on Flickr.


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