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Friday, February 02, 2007

One Crappy Story After Another

So, I have this crazy idea....

One of the Dashboard Widgets I have on my Mac is a neat little app called the Idea Generator from Monkey Business Labs. It's a fun little Widget that will randomly generate 3-word phrases that you can use as seeds for brainstorming ideas. The combinations range from the surreal to the sublime, and so it's a lot of fun to try to think of products you could create based on those.

I really do think that working within strict (and sometimes bizarre) limitations really can foster creativity. If necessity is the mother of invention, then restriction is probably its father. Or at least an uncle.

And that's what led to my crazy idea: Could I take whatever combination of words it gave me, and turn them into a story idea? I thought about it some, spun up some combinations, and decided that I could.

Naturally, the next question was whether I could do it for a whole month. That seemed a lot tougher, so I chose February because 1) it was just starting, and 2) it's the shortest. I know it has already started, but I didn't think of the idea until the morning of February 1, and I've been really busy since then. So I'm going to go 28 days starting February 2.

So, here are my ground rules:
  1. I'll accept whatever combination of words is the first one it generates.
  2. If I get a repeat word from the previous day, I'll regenerate that one word.
  3. No word limits. I'll just write until the story is told (within reason, of course).
  4. No major editing or rewrites.
  5. No emphasis in quality whatsoever. I fully expect that I'm going to produce 28 of the worst short stories ever seen by mankind.
  6. I'll write a story a day and post it as soon as possible, but they may not actually be posted daily.
  7. The story will be inspired by the phrase, but may not always directly (or obviously) relate to it.
  8. I reserve the right to modify the rules at will. It's good to be king.
Also, in order to keep my main blog here fairly clear of the junk I'll be spewing out this month, and to throw a bone to some friends who insist on blogging elsewhere, I'll be posting the stories to my LiveJournal account instead.

And so, without further ado, I present Luxurious Nuclear Garden.


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