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Tuesday, April 11, 2006


Yeah, it's the week of the original post titles. I'm tired and brain numb. Sue me.

Joel Spolsky absolutely nails a lot of the frustrations I've been having at work lately. It's really not all that bad, and being able to work on a variety of projects (as opposed to just writing code all the time) is nice. The frustration comes, though, when it feels like the other stuff is overwhelming what seems like it should be the main work. Sigh.

The main highlight of the day was probably fixing the lawn mower. When I got ready to mow last week it wouldn't start, so over the weekend I cleaned the air filter, checked the sparkplug, cleaned the sparkplug cable, flushed out the fuel intake and carburetor, tweaked the choke, and replaced the blade (not engine-related, but needed), but it still wouldn't start, no matter what settings I tried or how hard I pulled the start cord. So tonight I came home from work got out all my tools, donned my work clothes...and remembered to put gas in the tank.

Yeah, it's been like that recently.


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