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Sunday, April 02, 2006

Chocolate Lessons

We made our first gigantic cups of hot chocolate in our giant mugs late last night, and we learned something interesting. You know how when you finish a mug of hot chocolate, you often thing, "Wow, I kinda want another mug of that?" Well, you probably really don't. It turns out that, at least for us, one mug is about all we really want at a time. Aside from the logistics involved (it takes longer to heat three times as much water, it's harder to mix the chocolate powder, and it's going to get cold before you finish drinking it), it seems that one mug's worth really is all you want. Go figure.

I get the creeping suspicion that there's a really good parable there. Extracting it is left as an exercise for the reader.

The day was pretty lazy. The time change meant that although I felt like I was getting up by 10, I had actually slept until 11. Bummer. We did have a nice trip to the park, though, which made up for one of our weekend DVD rentals being screwed up. Netflix is starting to look pretty good, frankly. What we'd save by cutting our cable subscription down from 200 channels of crap to 60 channels of crap would more than cover the monthly cost of Netflix.


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