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Saturday, April 08, 2006

Something Like Saturday

Didn't really get a whole lot of Saturday today. Heather Marie had to work, so I had to get up at nearly as early as usual to get her there on time, then I went to the gym to run and work out. A quick lunch, and some computer volunteer work at the museum, then finally home. That was pretty much it.

The day wasn't without some fun, though, since I took Magaidh with me to pick Heather Marie up, so we could walk around the museum grounds for a while, then Heather and I went to look for some stuff at Hobby Lobby and grabbed supper at the mall.

Pretty uneventful day, overall. We're talking about going for a short family hike tomorrow, but since it's 11:45 and we haven't actually done any planning yet, that's not looking too likely.


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