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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Odds & Ends

Amazon sucked me in last night. I was placing an order, and they offered me a free 3-month trial of Amazon Prime, and I bit like a hungry trout. I've always found the program attractive, but it only took a little quick math to realize I'd never get my money's worth. I did take advantage of the free trial to upgrade to next day shipping, though, which has proven frustrating.

First, I didn't notice that the time to ship my item (a Wacom tablet) was 1-2 days. Choosing a different color could've fixed that, but I didn't notice it in time. No problem. Disappointing, but my fault. My order shipped today, though, and the shipping time is still listed as 5 days. It seems like Thursday or Friday would reasonably qualify as "next day" for an order placed Wednesday, but Monday seems more like "day after next," even counting business days. I'm assuming for now that the estimated delivery date just hasn't been updated yet.

The second odd or end is that I got into the Windows Live Mail beta today. This is the new generation of Hotmail, and so far it's pretty cool. I use Outlook all day at work, and I'd say that Live Mail compares pretty favorably. It doesn't do everything that Outlook does, but it does a good 95% of the stuff that I do in Outlook. My only real complaint is that it chokes on the back button. Understandable, but also annoying in a modern web app.

The third odd end is that I was able to confirm today that I don't much think I like martinis. Maybe it was stirred instead of shaken, or maybe lemon would've been better than an olive. On the whole, though, I think what would've improved it the most would've been replacing the vermouth with coconut milk, the olive with pineapple chunks, and the vodka with rum. Sorry, Mr. Bond.


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