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Thursday, January 20, 2005

Long Time, No Blog

Things have been pretty busy lately. And, frankly, I haven't been doing anything interesting enough to talk about.

I'm pretty intrigued by the Mac Mini. Seems like a good opportunity and excuse for me to get a Mac.

Brilliant really. By lowering the barrier to entry to $500, Apple got me to mentally commit to a Mac. Then I might as well go for the $600 model. Plus I need a KVM switch ($80ish), and the 256 MB of RAM is anemic (add $200 for 1 GB to install myself). Suddenly it's a $900 computer.

Then it's only $100 more for an iBook, and it would be nice to have another laptop around the house. Besides, I'm sure I'll like OS X, and I'll want a better Mac soon anyway, so why not save the $800 I would've spent on the Mini and put it toward an iBook instead? Heck, that savings brings the real cost of the iBook down to only $700, which is less than the cost of the Mini to begin with!

In the long run, I'm actually saving $100!!!

My friends Bill and David have taught me too well how to twist login and abuse mathematics in order to rationalize otherwise irrational things....


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