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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Savin' the World

I've been successfully resisting the siren call of Halo 2 until after payday next week. Or rather I had been until I started one of the books Dan sent me for my birthday. Now I have a definite desire to destroy some minions in defense of the Earth. I finally got Xbox Live setup a couple of days ago, so I'll be ready to go as soon as I have a chance to grab Halo 2. My gamertag is GeckoHog, if anyone cares (alas, Geckoman was already taken).

Nothing to report on NaNoWriMo. Literally nothing. Just not inspired this year, I guess. At this point I think I can safely blow it off and quit stressing over how far behind I am. On the plus side, though, I'm nearly done with a short story I've been working on. I'll post it when it's finished.


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