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Thursday, August 19, 2004

Worldwide Dry Erase Board

It just dawned on me today why blogs are so popular. Back when I lived in the dorm, the doors to our rooms (and often the walls around them) were vehicles of personal expression. We could put anything we wanted on them, and our friends and dormmates would pass by and read/look-at/peruse it. The world wide web successfully filled that need, but something was missing.

Then I read this article today, and realized what it was. Right in the middle of everyone's door was a dry erase board. That made the conversation two-way. You could put stuff on your door, and other people could comment on it. We often had top ten lists (which frequently became top 30 lists) on interesting topics or wars of words with other people's doors. Blogs are the dorm dry erase boards of the internet!

Our friend Bill is coming to town this weekend. Haven't seen him in over a year, so it should be a lot of fun. And we're nearly done with the floor! Only a couple more transition edgings to install in doorways!


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