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Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Unexpected Benefits

We got the entertainment center and the major "sitting furniture" moved back into the living room tonight. We still have most of the baseboards to put back on, but at least now the bedroom looks normal, so when we go to bed tonight we can shut the door and pretend the rest of the house isn't still something of a construction zone.

The unexpected benefit is acoustics. Without the carpet soaking up the sound, our modest stereo sounds awesome! I now understand why classical music studios have traditionally had wooden floors. The sound just jumps off of it. Very nice.

Today's lesson on furnishings is that the bed apparatus in a sleeper sofa is only held in place by about six screws, it's easy to take out, and sofas lose about 70% of their weight without it. If nothing else, that makes it much easier to move. And since the structural integrity was unaffected, we just threw a piece of plywood in under the cushions for a seat, and now it's good to go.

That gives us plenty of time to decide what to do for a sofa. The choices are re-upholster it ourselves, have it done, or buy a new one. I'm heavily in favor of the latter two, especially the third. Could we do it ourselves? I know we could. I also know that people who do that get paid a ton of money for it, and there's probably a very good reason for that.


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