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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Mid-week Reportlets

Halfway through the week, and there's really nothing major to report, just a lot of small stuff, so I hereby inaugurate the reportlet:
  • Following up on a comment in response to my last shaving post, it's good to know that Target carries a lot of the supplies I've been using. That's a lot more convenient than mail-order, which makes it much more feasible to continue with the double-edged safety razor.
  • Also on the topic of shaving, while we were in Eureka Springs I used the Fusion again with modern shaving gel. It did seem to work better with the gel, but the razor bumps around my neck, which had almost completely vanished while using the DE razor, came back with a vengeance after only one shave with the cartridge. After a week of shaves with the DE razor, they're gone again.
  • We got a 250 GB Lacie USB drive today to store archives of Heather's podcast, big media files, and backups. Gorgeous design, but what really excites me is how cheap storage has gotten. For perspective, this single 250 GB drive (which is about the size of a couple of DVD cases) has more storage capacity than the sum total of every computer she and I have ever owned. And now terabyte drives are expected out this year? Awesome.
  • Included in the Amazon order with the new drive was also a test prep book for the first of the new Microsoft certification tests. I love Smalltalk and Ruby, but there's not much space for them in my day job, so it seems reasonable to focus some time on .NET. I'm mostly looking at preparing for the cert tests as a way to force myself to get up to speed on .NET 2.0 before we transition to it for development at work.
  • Maczot finally gave me an offer that was too good to refuse today. Heather's been using Skype Recorder for her podcast interviews, and Maczot's price was essentially half-price.
That's pretty much it for today. Off to bed!


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