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Sunday, August 27, 2006

Life in the ER

Sorry about the lack of updates, especially since I've been working on a long post for a few days (which will never be able to live up to whatever expectations may have accrued to it).

I had a softball double-header Friday night, and in the 3rd inning of the second game I stumbled while rounding 2nd and sprained my knee. Aside from the risk of serious injury, the worst part was writhing helplessly in the base path while they tagged me out.

I thought it was going to be ok to ice it and go to the doctor on Saturday, but as we were getting into the car, it buckled rather painfully (and frighteningly), prompting me to scream a mild obscenity and convincing me that maybe more immediate care was warranted. So off we went to the ER at Washington Regional....

After 2 hours and some x-rays, the doctor said there was no evidence of tearing in any of my knee ligaments, which was wonderful news. He did say I should watch it over the next couple of weeks to make sure it keeps improving, and that if it continues to bother me, I might need to see a specialist, since I could have some torn or damaged cartilage, which is harder to see on x-rays.

So for the time being, I'm just elevating and icing it it. As it turns out, laying on the couch with your right leg above your heart isn't the easiest position to type in, thus the lack of updates.

Sitting in the waiting room, though, it became embarrassingly obvious to me that even with the worst-case scenario for my knee, I would've been worlds better off than most of the other patients. I wasn't bleeding profusely, I still had all my fingers, I wasn't brought in unconscious on an ambulance, and my family wasn't huddled in the corner, weeping with fear and grief.

Getting ignominiously tagged out suddenly seemed like a pretty minor problem.

I spent all day Saturday resting, then last night we went for dinner and games with our friends Genet and Joel in Bella Vista. That was really a lot of fun!

This afternoon Heather Marie and her fellow bellydance instructors are meeting to practice at our house, so Magaidh and I are cloistered in the office. I'm taking the opportunity to finally install the new hard drive in my desktop. It looks like that's going to fix the problem so far, but I still suspect there may be more to it than a bad hard drive. We'll see after I finish reinstalling, I guess.


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