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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Ready for the Week

We got some good rest this weekend, and now I think I'm ready for the week. Ready or not, it's coming anyway. I hope so, anyway!

We tried to make some traditional Indian dishes for supper tonight. I think it all turned out ok, and I suppose it tasted good, but I didn't much like it. There's not much food I don't like, though, so that does lead me to believe that we probably did something horribly wrong. We should probably hunt down a good Indian restaurant somewhere in Northwest Arkansas to get our curry fix in the future.

And now, serendipitously, Bride & Prejudice is on TV. Heh. What a great movie!

Not much coming up this week that I expect to be blog-worthy, but I just noticed today that I have kind of a blog backlog of posts that are only in half-finished draft form, so I may try to finish some of them up for topics this week. That will probably mean more tech posts and fewer personal posts this week, but I doubt anybody will care much one way or the other. :-)


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