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Monday, April 17, 2006

Long, Crappy Day

Today definitely earned the label "One of Those Days." Nothing bad, really, just one small annoyance after another. Poor Heather Marie is totally engrossed in preparation for her talk on Wednesday, and I don't want to distract her, so who do I have left to vent to? Why, of course, you -- my imaginary readers! ;-)

I spent the entire morning moving from one desk to another. This was theoretically good, since it will give us the space to add another developer, plus fit in some interns and testers more easily. Could we have arranged that without my moving and downsizing to a smaller desk? Probably. Would doing so have had the added benefit of shedding the "prima donna" label we've slapped with for taking the opportunity to get bigger workspaces that was presented by more floorspace? Probably not.

Really not a big deal, since I still have plenty of space. It was just one more inevitable step toward cube land, and the move itself was frustrating because it took time away from other things that I needed to do.

Plus, in the process, I tore a rather nasty cut in the back of my thumb, all the way into the cuticle. I'll spare you further details, except to say that I expect the healing process to be long and irritating....

Then this afternoon I had to go mail some stuff and deposit my paycheck, so I ran to the post office real quick. The line was out the door. No problem, I'll just use the stamp vending machine. Wrong! It was broken. Come to think of it, I've never seen it functional that I recall.

So I write off the letter mailing, and figure I can at least deposit my check. The line at the bank was long, too, so I stopped by the ATM near our office. It let me get all the way up to the point where I put my deposit envelope in the slot before it told me it was unable to accept deposits. You know, I can handle machines that are out of order, but at least tell me soon! Like when I select the deposit option! Or better yet, don't even provide that option: just put a little notice in its place. Even the stupid stamp machine managed to do that!

In between and around the doomed mailing/deposit trip, I was trying in vain to get some actual work done. This involved trying to fix (for the 7th time in the past year, unless I've lost count) a project that I'm mostly in charge of that keeps getting broken by changes elsewhere in our framework. As part of that process, I discovered that one of the changes had broken the only part of that code that had been fully functional nearly the entire time, and frankly I'm not entirely sure where I should even start trying to fix it tomorrow.

Then I capped off my work day with a little over an hour of test documentation writing. Whee.

So I finally left the office, intent on hitting Wal-Mart real quick before heading home to what sounded like a very nice dinner Heather Marie was planning. But first I had to spend 20 minutes looking for my wallet (finally found it fallen under the seat in the car). Then it turned out to be "Stand Around in Ryan's Way Day" at Wal-Mart, wherein the goal was to stop directly between Ryan and the shelf he was trying to get something from, then stand there reading labels. You know what's in that bottle? MILK!!! That's all! Just milk! That's why it's in a bottle labeled "milk!'

I finally got to deposit my paycheck in the bank next door to that Wal-Mart, then I called home to tell Heather to start cooking dinner so it would be ready when I got there. Since I was running late, though, she'd assuming I'd forgotten to call, and dinner had been done for 20 minutes already. Mercifully, it reheated well.

Through out the day, there were dozens of other minor things, none of which would've been all that bad alone, but taken together they just piled on. Only so much water can roll off a duck's back before he starts to get wet.

The funny highlight of the day, though, was Heather walking in, seeing my writing this, realizing that she hadn't blogged yet today, and growling, "Oh blog!" as she went back to her laptop to write her post. The great part was how he embued "blog" with enough venom that it could have easily taken the place of any curse word I can think of.

So now I'm going to close out this rotten blogged day and go get some bloggin' sleep!


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