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Wednesday, February 15, 2006


I've been trying to work on my website this week, but I keep alternating back and forth between Sandvox and Rapidweaver. Both a very nice in different ways, and I can't decide yet which aspects are most important to me.

I've also been trying to make time to work on my web app hobby project, but I haven't had much this week. Again, I'm still somewhat torn between Seaside and Rails. I'll admit that I have a bias toward printed documentation, and there's yet another excellent Rails book coming out soon. On the flipside, Seaside and Lisp's Uncommon Web are somewhat lacking in that department. Logically, lots of factors are stacking up in Rails' favor: Ruby is more familiar than Smalltalk, Rails has better documentation, Rails has a larger active community, and Rails-friendly hosts are much more common. Rationally, I should just go ahead and use Rails, and

Even though Smalltalk is still pretty foreign to me, when it comes to the frameworks, I somehow feel like I'm grokking Seaside better. It just seems to be closer to the way I think about web programming.

Heather Marie is working this Saturday, so I may take my personal time that day to do some more experimentation. The basis of my project is pretty simple, so I may be able to implement the basic features it in both frameworks in order to get a better feel for which framework is the better tool for the job at hand, as well as which one is really a better fit for me.


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