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Sunday, February 05, 2006

Bowl Free

I take some degree of pride from the fact that I haven't really watched a Super Bowl since about 1998 or so. Around that time, Heather Marie and I decided to skip the game and go see Titanic instead, so as to avoid the crowds. It worked like a charm, and we enjoyed what was practially a private showing. It also taught us that we both enjoy spending that time together instead of spending it watching a game neither of us really cares about.

Don't get me wrong, I like football, but professional sports in general just leave me a little cold. It really has nothing to do with the astronomical salaries (more power to 'em!) I really think it's because at that level, the players are just too good. To me, they're just too polished and poised to be as much fun to watch as college players. Pro tennis and baseball are the exceptions, probably because I've always understood them better.

We wanted to go see a movie this afternoon, but couldn't find anything we were interested, so instead we just watched the Puppy Bowl and went shopping. I expect the Man Police to show up and confiscate my Y-chromosome at any moment.


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