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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Lazy Day

I'd love to say that we were really active today and got tons of stuff done, but I don't want to lie. We didn't do jack today. Well, that's not strictly true. We got some laundry folded, we got our flag put up for Independence Day, and we got some testing done with the new mixer Heather Marie got for her podcast, but that was about it.

I slept late this morning, and Heather napped most of the afternoon. Lots of sleep around our house this weekend, in fact, but I think we really needed it, and I feel pretty rested now...right before bed. :-)

I also downloaded CopyWrite, Ulysses, and WriteRoom, three writing programs that I'm trying out. Not to be confused with word processors, which are primarily concerned with formatting and layout, these programs are tailored specifically to the task of writing as a creative process. WriteRoom is free, but is basically just a full-screen text editor. Of the other two, I'm afraid I may prefer Ulysses, which would be bad because it's a full $100 more than CopyWrite.

I'm also working with demos of a few art programs, and I'm afraid I may run into a similar pricing/preference situation with them. :-(


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