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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Minor Frustrations

So, I found myself wondering today: What is the correct, responsible answer developers should give when asked to estimate the time necessary to fix the bugs that haven't been found yet? No particular reason, just curious. ;-)

In the real world, there's not much exciting going on right now. We finally started filling in our second front flowerbed on Sunday. Not incredibly interesting, but it represents major progress in our landscaping efforts. We still need a lot more topsoil to fill it in, then some stones to build up around the fountain we're adding to it, but we can see the end of the tunnel now, at least.

And judging by the response to the net neutrality posts, apparently the way to generate a bunch of comments is to blog about something that ticks people off. I have to admit, it's a little tempting to play to the crowd a little bit by picking topics like that, but ultimately I have to just write about whatever interests me or is on my mind at a particular time.

That means it'll be 90% boring to anyone who is not me. Sorry. :-)


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