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Saturday, May 20, 2006

A faire time

Heather Marie and I took a trip over to Muskogee today for the Oklahoma Renaissance Festival. Overall, it was a pretty good trip. "Faire," I'd say. After going when it was cold and rainy last year, I thought that any weather would be an improvement, but after the dry, dusty conditions this year, I'm not so sure. Last weekend would've been ideal weather, but we had other plans.

If you get a convenient chance to go to a renaissance faire, I highly recommend going at least once. Personally, I'm not into the dressing up thing, but I might give it a try someday. It's still a lot of fun anyway. This was our third (or fourth?) year going to Oklahoma, but it's really only the second faire we've been to.

Our first trip was in 1998 or 1999, when we went to the Withrow Renaissance Faire at the Withrow Springs State Park. That was the last year it was held at the state park in conjunction with the ACA Crossbow Tournament. The following (and final) year it was held on a farm nearby. The one in Muskogee is far larger and more complex than Withrow Springs ever was, but from what I remember reading, the Withrow faire was one of the first ones in the country, originally organized as a promotion for the crossbow tournament. The incarnation we attended was a descendant of the original, but not directly, as far as I know. Still kind of a shame that it's gone, though.


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