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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Blogathon II - Revenge of the Bloggers

Since we lost the first Blogathon to Lance on what I like to think of as a technicality (if completely forgetting to post can be considered a technicality), Heather Marie and I have both fallen out of the habit of daily posts.

In many ways, it's been good to have a break from the pressure, but it hasn't had quite the effect that I'd hoped. During the contest, I often found myself skipping good post topics since I felt like I didn't have the time to do them justice before midnight. I anticipated that without the pressure of a daily deadline my quantity would decrease slightly, while the quality would increase. A quick look through my May and June archives will demonstrate that the quantity has dropped off far out of proportion to any possible increase in quality. In fact, I think my quality has started suffering as well.

The one big piece of advice that all writers and artists give is to write or draw or whatever at least a little bit every day, and that improvement will inevitably follow from the regular practice. It sounds simplistic and naive, but I'd have to say that at least in my limited experience it seems to absolutely be true.

So now we're back to the Blogathon. Lance has decided to pass on this one, but he's welcome to join in soon if he wants. So is anyone else we know who's interested, for that matter. For now the only rule is one post per day, between midnight and midnight, although after a couple of weeks we may alter that somewhat. The possibilities for variations include defining a day as 6am to 6am (since we're nightowls who tend to post late) or allowing one day off per week. The weekly break is especially attractive since it would allow Heather Marie to take a break on the days she produces her podcast.

For now, though, it's just one per day every day until one of us misses a day, with the winner claiming the knowledge of a job well-done. Let the games begin!


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