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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Combo Day

Today wound up being a weird combination of more or less random activities, and even though it never seemed like it at the time, somehow as I look back on the day, it seems like I accomplished quite a bit.

After dropping Heather Marie off at the museum, I went to the gym for a while. From the gym I went to the cable company to pick up a DVR, followed by a trip to the barber, then a few hours at work. Finally we met some friends for supper, then came home and watched a show we'd recorded while we were out.

Really just lots of little stuff, but more or less productive, overall.

Sorry, no shaving report today. I typically only shave a couple of times a week anyway (I have been loving the "three-day beard" fashion trend the past couple of years), so two days in a row would've been a little painful regardless of the implement used. I'll probably give it another shot tomorrow.


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