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Friday, July 21, 2006

Start of the Weekend

Well, probably not really much of a start to much of a weekend. I worked late tonight, and both Heather Marie and I are working most of the day tomorrow.

We did start looking for things to do and places to stay for our sixth anniversary in August. Right now the most appealing scenario looks like a two-night stay in Eureka Springs. Nothing too far or too expensive, just a nice, relaxing weekend away. Plus, a couple of the hotels have wifi now. ;-)

During a break from work tomorrow I may go by the local Cox office and see about adding a DVR to our cable service. Yeah, a Tivo would work just as well (probably better), but the ease of setup for the Cox-provided one, which incorporates the digital tuner, wins out over a Tivo, which would have to be setup alongside the tuner (thus adding yet another box and remote to our TV gear).

The extra cost is minimal, and I'm sick of missing things we forgot to record and pausing conversations so as not to miss what we're watching. Let the TV get paused for a change! Plus, the instant replay option is nice. Since we've started watching lots of series episodes on DVD, we've gotten really spoiled by the ability to rewind and replay when we miss dialog.


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