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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Hot Time in the Ol' Town

Holy cow it was hot today! Poor Magaidh just moved from one cool spot on the floor to another all day long.

We were more active today than yesterday, but only by a little. We tried to wash a couple of comforters, but apparently the laundromat in Lowell has gone out of business yet again. I guess instead of waiting for it to reopen and trying to take advantage of another brief period of solvency, we'll just take them to a dry cleaner and be done with it.

Other than the failed laundering and a grocery run, the only other thing we got done today was some audio editing. Some of it was for the upcoming exhibit at the museum, but the other bit was more fun, at least for me: I got to sit in with Heather Marie on her podcast, providing a male perspective to her question of the week. I wish it was something we could do more often, but alas, we haven't thought of a suitable podcast topic for the two of us together.

Nothing big happening at work this week, as far as I know, but things will be really busy since Heather has the exhibit opening soon. At the very least, maybe we can take some more time for ourselves, separate from work, and cram in a little extra rest.


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