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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Well, crap

Looks like we lost the blogathon. We had an evening wedding to go to tonight, followed by a Wal-Mart run for cook-out supplies for tomorrow, which put us home late, and we only just now realized that we didn't blog on Saturday. I knew it would happen eventually, but Heather is really ticked off that after all the effort she went to in order to keep blogging during her trip to Smackover, it was a stupid late night Wal-Mart run that did her in.

She suggests that we keep going to fight it out for second place, but in that case I may skip a day just to let her have it.

I've actually found myself looking forward to the end, although I am disappointed in how it came about: with no heroic efforts or tragic interference, just a moment of "Oh, crap, we forgot" at about 12:15. Not with a bang, but with a whimper....

I'm trying to debate whether we should begin anew or not. On the one hand, I have often found myself foregoing good, interesting topics in the interest of getting something posted by midnight. On the other hand, though, it has forced me to blog every day, which I certainly wouldn't have done otherwise. If I truly believed that I would write a quality post every three days instead of an inane one every day, I wouldn't even consider doing it again. As it is, though, I suspect I'd just fall out of the habit. I'll have to think about it.

Another option might be to compete with friends for quantity of posts or number of words or even page hits, but that way lies madness. I'm actually thinking that I may setup an additional blog, focused more on professional or personal topics, then dedicate this one to the other area. I'll just have to think about it some.

For the time being, though, I'll just offer my congratulations to Lance, then enjoy a week or so with a simple bedtime deadline instead of a midnight deadline, which will be nice since that'll give me an extra hour or so. ;-)


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