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Thursday, March 16, 2006

Great Sports Days

The first two days of the NCAA basketball tournament are, in my opinion, the greatest sports days of the year. I'm not generally a huge college basketball fan (except for the Razorbacks, of course), but I always get caught up in the first two rounds of the Big Dance. I have a definite weakness for following events that completely time-absorbing. The Olympics work well for that, since there's always news or updates or medal counts or something, but they can hold a candle to the NCAAs.

The later rounds don't enthrall me nearly as much, since there are half as many games, and they're mostly at night, but the first two rounds are great. All day at work, the talk is about who's leading which game, whose bracket is doing best. Who's ahead? What's the score? How much time is left? I love it!

Without Heather Marie around to remind me, I figured I'd better blog early so I can get ready for bed. Last night I foolishly stayed up late watching Ghost Hunters and other creepy documentary fare, forgetting that I'd have to go to bed alone. If Magaidh hadn't been with me, I might very well have stayed up reading until sheer exhaustion drove me to sleep. ;-)


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