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Friday, March 17, 2006

Liking Blogging

There's been quite a blog storm the past week, first regarding Dave Winer's announcement of his intention to stop blogging, then a semi-related legal/personal/etc eruption, and the subsequent discussion. You know what? I don't really care. I only noticed because it hit some blogs and sites that I read regularly.

When I first started getting into blogs, I looked around for what were supposedly the biggest, most important blogs, and his came up. I read it for a while, but the topics generally weren't my cup of tea, and I didn't find his perspective interesting. Nothing against him, it was just my opinion, and his blog was hardly the only one I passed over.

He did some cool stuff with RSS, but I'd say that at this point, he's about a relevant to blogging now as Marconi was to radio in 1950. It has grown far beyond anything its founders can directly influence.

I can see, though, how "professional" bloggers could get burned out. If your blog is based on searching for, and sifting through, then commenting on interesting things online, then yeah, that would get old in a hurry. It would be like some kind of externally-imposed ADHD.

As for me, I'm still enjoying my blog, but I only do it for myself. I'm not an A-list blogger, or B-list...or even Z-list, judging by my traffic stats. That's good, because it means I don't have any audience to answer to. I'm doing the blogathon with Lance and Heather Marie for the fun of it, but daily posting is hardly too onerous. I just think of my blog as a public letter to some imaginary readers about whatever happens to interest me at a given moment.

For the time being, that's still a lot of fun.


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