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Monday, January 30, 2006

Clothes Woes

Bless her heart, Heather Marie spent nearly all day today doing laundry, so that when I came home every stitch of clothing I'd worn in the past week was folded and stacked neatly on the bed, ready to be put away. She's really swell!

While putting my shirts away, though, I realized that one of my favorite shirts had shrunk in the dryer. This is a long-running struggle of mine, actually. Back in college, it eventually turned out that my shrinking-clothes-plague was due to a malfunctioning thermostat in my parents' dryer. Later, during graduate school, I'll admit that much of my difficulty stemmed from the fact that I was actually expanding. Now, however, not only am I actively getting smaller, but the dimensions in which my shirts have shrunk (not to mention the suddenness of said shrinkage) could only be explained by a change in the actual fabric.

So, my question is: Why can't they make clothes that will really stand up to the dryer? It's not as if they were super-cheap shirts (although they weren't $50 each, either). Has the bottom end of the clothing market fallen so low that the quality of the middle and high-end products has fallen as well? Where are you supposed to go to by good quality clothing?

Which brings me to a mini-rant of mine. The Fab Five can really do some great makeovers. So do the What Not To Wear folks. You know what? Give me a few thousand dollars and drop me off in New York's fashion district, and I could dress myself pretty darn well, too! I really want to see those shows come out to the middle of the country, hundreds of miles from the nearest fashion mall, and make somebody over for $500. Even if I had five grand, where would I spend it?! It's a lot of fun to watch fantasy makeovers, but how about helping the rest of us out with some tips and places that we can find and afford, huh?


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