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Thursday, January 12, 2006


I nearly forgot to post tonight, which would've given Lance a clean win. Can't have that! I've felt like I'm coming down with something all evening, so I'm seriously considering going to bed shortly. Bedtime before 11pm would be pretty unusual for me. Fortunately, I remembered to post a little something first.

I'm working on a longer post regarding my experiences thus far with Squeak and Seaside, but it'll probably still be baking until next week. Stay tuned. One thing I can say quickly, though: I really would like for Squeak to offer a developer-oriented distribution. I know it was originally intended as a teaching tool, and I know you can change it to look pretty much any way you want, but it would be nice to have an option that was less cartoony by default. Honestly, that impression had turned me off of Squeak for a long time until I started really learning about Smalltalk enough to look past the surface.

Looks like we may go hiking with some friends up around Beaver Lake this weekend. We're tentatively planning on doing the short 4.4 mile loop of the Pigeon Roost Trail. Should be fun.


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