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Sunday, January 08, 2006

Toes in the Water

Finally had a chance tonight (albeit not much of one) to install Seaside and play around with it a little. Just tinkering with the Counter demo. So far I'm moderately impressed. I love the ability to edit the app in my browser. I also appreciate how the entire development environment can be saved as an image and when it's reopened, everything is the same, including server processes. No need to start multiple processes and get everything setup during each session as far as I can tell. That alone will increase my productivity 10%, since I'll no longer catch myself thinking, "I've got a few minutes, I can code on that project...but it'll take 5 minutes just to get everything setup...nah, I'll just play 8 minutes of minesweeper." ;-)

And, just to affirm James Robertson's response to my fears, I was able to move at least that simple image from my iBook to my PC with no apparent ill effects, which I found to be pretty cool.


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