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Friday, January 06, 2006

Uninteresting Drivel

After a week of fairly interesting posts, I'm pretty much dry tonight, but the blogathon beckons, and so I post....

I'd love to say that I'm hip-deep in Seaside tonight, but I didn't get home from work until nearly 8 o'clock, and tomorrow's not looking real good either.

I did get a chance to do a little research into what I'll need to do for my project (hereafter codenamed "Starfish"), and it's not going to be nearly as simple as I'd thought. I actually welcome that, though, because it makes the whole project more interesting instead of just an exercise in following directions. I may actually have to develop a new, creative way to do something I need. Well, new to me, anyway. Probably already a solved problem if I want to research it a little bit, but I may give it my own shot first.

Why Starfish? Because they're pretty to look at, relatively useless, and found on the Seaside. Three puns for the price of one. Seems like a winner to me!

Well, four puns, if you count my unconfident opinion that this project can't really make a difference. ;-)


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