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Monday, January 09, 2006

Family Ties

For some reason, despite Heather Marie's prompting, I'd never shared my post about John 11:35 with my parents or family. I don't know why, really, but the thought of intentionally sharing it just never really occurred to me. Somehow doing so would make me uncomfortable.

I'm completely unbothered by public speaking (and, obviously, public writing). The idea of speaking or performing (or writing) in front of a crowd of thousands doesn't even make me flinch, but the idea of doing the same thing in front of a small group of friends and family makes me break out in a cold sweat. Go figure.

Anyway, my mom ran across it last week, and now it's making the rounds in the family. I'm glad it's touching so many people whom I care about, and I hope that reading it is as meaningful to them as writing it was to me.

Of course, now I'm racking my brain and scouring my archives to try to remember if I've ever posted anything risque or embarrassing. ;-)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have not looked for risque postings. Let me know if you find any! I could use the entertainment. I do agree with your opinion on 'contemporary' worship services. I am old and old fashioned. Do you remember me coming to your house and wrapping Christmas presents? You were so young you called me 'E-ah.'

1/10/2006 11:15 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ryan, I wondered why you had not shared what you wrote about PawPaw with your family. Never dreamed you could be intimidated! ;}
What you wrote really touched my heart and also gave me comfort. I'm glad you understood how much PawPaw loved you. And I love you too. Aunt Mary

1/12/2006 11:11 PM  
Blogger Ryan said...

I'm glad it's been meaningful to people. I'm sorry I didn't really think of sharing it. I do lots of stuff that I don't share widely for the reasons given, and I've gotten so used to it that it doesn't even occur to me most of the time.

Strange version of stage fright, huh? I noticed it way back in grade school, but couldn't figure it out until I was doing plays in high school. My theory now is that when it's a big enough group it becomes just "the crowd" (or, in this case, "the web") and stops being individuals. When it's a small group of people I know, then that can't happen.

But I probably over-analyze. :-)

1/12/2006 11:23 PM  

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