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Tuesday, November 01, 2005

NaNoWriMo Powers -- ACTIVATE!

NaNoWriMo (hereafter simply Nanowrimo, or maybe just Nano, because all the shifts annoy me) started today. As you can see in the sidebar, thus far my total is 0. I'm about to go grab ye olde iBook, though, fire up Ulysses (or something similar) and get writing, though.

I'd actually love to use something online that I'd have access to from anywhere, that would provide the Nano-specific tools I need, and that I could allow friends-only access to. I've considered writing my own, but that might be a serious distraction. Writeboard has a lot of that, but I don't even want my friends to edit it (no offense). Some folks have suggested LiveJournal, but that's not quite what I want either, I don't think, although it might work. I may give it a try.

Gotta go write! I only have 25 days I can write this month, which means I've got 2000 words to go before bed!


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