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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Quiet Weekend

We had a pretty quiet day to finish off a pretty quiet weekend. The most constructive activity of the day was finally getting the Christmas stuff (or at least most of it) put away in the attic. We also got quite a but of cleaning done in the garage. Whooo, can you stand the excitement?

It also looks like we've got a mouse in the garage. We had one winter before last, too. It's hard not to, when your neighborhood is built in (and is still surrounded by) a pasture. Heck, the coyotes come up close enough in the field across the road that you can pick out individual voices when they start yelping, and we occassionally see them off in the distance.

Anyway, back to the mouse hunt: I baited a trap this afternoon, and when it checked it a few hours ago, the bait was gone. Seems I'd set it incorrectly, allowing the little bugger to waltz off with an entire pretzel. Hope he's hungry enough to come back for more!


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