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Sunday, January 15, 2006

And not a pigeon in sight....

We went hiking today with some friends from the dorm out at Pigeon Roost Loop near Beaver Lake. Not only did we not see a single pigeon, we didn't see any squirrels, deer, or birds. It was actually a little creepy. Dunno if they were there and just escaped our notice, or if the drought conditions have driven them further down hill to wetter ground.

We only did the short 4 mile loop today, so maybe the eponymous pigeons hang out on the bluffs at the far end of the big loop. It's really a nice little trail, although the overlooks that would normally provide a lovely view of the lake just looked over a dry lakebed today. You could see the lake from them, though, way off in the distance where it has receded to. The rest of the trail was typical Ozark highland hardwood forest. Very pretty, and dramatically different from the paper timber forests I grew up around.

We all had a good time, though, and agreed that next time we should start earlier in the day and hike the big loop, with a break for lunch at the end. I'll know tomorrow morning if that would really be a good idea or not, though. We were off the trail by 3:30, but the sun was already low enough that it was probably starting to get dark in the deeper hollows, so we'd want to make sure we allowed plenty of time for the trek. Eight miles in a day is a pretty good trip, and although the lower end of the trail wasn't too tough at that pace, the upper end could be trickier.


Blogger Ryan said...

"Friends from the dorm." We really need to come up with a better term to use for our group. The Dorm Days were 5-6 years ago now, so it seems increasingly inaccurate. for thought.

1/15/2006 9:50 PM  

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