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Monday, July 10, 2006

Typical Monday Night

Nothing much interesting today. Typical Monday morning stuff at work -- catch up on email, figure out what's happening this week, etc. I'm about to go back and finish off a couple of projects that had to be temporarily left undone last fall pending completion of other pieces of the program. Getting them done will be good, since it will mean I get to do more actual programming and they'll represent two big steps toward finally completing and shipping our next version.

We're starting a ping pong tournament in the office tomorrow, and that promises to be fun. It's going to consist of two weeks of round-robin play to seed our bracket, then a double-elimination tournament. That's good, since it means I'll get to play two games in the tournament instead of just one. Most of the guys in the office are considerably better than I am. There are a few I can beat about a third of the time, but it's tough. Our table setup favors hard-hitting, fast play over finesse and stamina, which definitely works against me. I don't typically go for many kill shots, preferring instead to move the ball around my opponent until he makes a mistake, but it's often hard to keep him out of kill position long enough.

The really good news, though, is that a couple of the guys tried tennis during their vacation last week, and they really liked it, so I'm hopeful that we'll be able to get some matches together and maybe even join the tennis club at our gym. Since tennis is the only sport that I'm really genuinely any good at, I'm looking forward to playing them, if only to demonstrate that there's something to me besides the awkward clumsy doofus who can't play basketball, softball, or ping pong worth a flip. (I'm pretty good at racquetball, too, but only a couple of them know it.)

And, frustratingly, I still haven't had time to try out the drawing and writing programs I have demos for. In a way that's good, though, since it kind of answers my question: If I can't even find 30 minutes to test them, there's no way I can justify buying the more expensive ones. Now I just need to decide if it's even worthwhile to get the cheap ones.


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