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Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday Night

I guess I don't technically have any definite need to blog tonight, but I want to try to stay in the habit anyway.

We had a load of fun today. Some old dorm friends came over for a cookout this afternoon, then we went out and flew kites for a while. Man, I haven't flown a kite in years, but it was pretty cool. I was able to get a stunt kite up in the air, and even do some basic stunts with it. Flying a stunt kite is definitely more active than any kite flying I've done in the past. Keeping it in the air required almost constant adjustments. It wasn't as soothing and relaxing as a high-flying, more traditional kite, but it was certainly more exciting!

After all the activities here, we went out to see Inside Man in Rogers. Not a fantastic movie, but definitely one of the best heist movies I've seen in a while. That caused us to start thinking about all the movies coming out this summer that we'll want to go see. It really looks like there may be one nearly every weekend starting in May. It'll be a great change from the past few months when there hasn't been much of anything that we really wanted to see.


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