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Sunday, May 01, 2005

Finally...something worth blogging!

Well, more or less, I suppose. Heather Marie and I went to the Oklahoma Renaissance Faire on Saturday. It was a pretty good time, and a fun trip. Unlike last year, when it was cold and rained almost non-stop, this year the weather was great. Of course, that translated directly into larger crowds and a less intimate, isolated feeling to the affair, but I'd say it was worth the trade-off.

I mostly go for the experiences -- the dancing, the food, the performers, the food, the historical demonstrations, and the food. For Heather Marie, though, it's like a medieval mall, covered up with great bellydance accessories. This year she got some handmade earrings that she spotted last year (and then spent the past 12 months regretting not buying) and a bellydance sword. Basically a scimitar with a brass hilt that's weighted appropriately for head, hip, and leg balancing. I've seen it done, and it is quite a show. HM also got a chance to dance briefly with the bellydance troupe that was performing at the faire, when they had an open dance at the end of one of their sessions. I think they were really surprised that someone who could really dance joined them. And, I'll confess, I was really surprised at how well she stacked up against the "pros."

Not exactly tons of stuff happening this week. We've got our big official public beta release coming up at work, so lots of energy is focused on that. Release is June 1. Code freeze is May 27. I've got some heavy-duty SQL search interface work to do before the 27th, and I'll be documenting my ass off the entire time as well.


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