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Tuesday, July 08, 2008

First History Reading

After some Amazon browsing and research at the library, I selected Miracle At Philadelphia as my primary reading on the Constitutional Convention. The Amazon reviews were what got Miracle on my short list, but what moved it up to the top was the fact that all the other books I looked at in the library listed it in their bibliographies. I was unaware of it at the time, but apparently Miracle has been the definitive layman's book on the Convention for nearly half a century. It appears that I have chosen wisely.

As a supplemental follow-up, I also checked out The Summer of 1787 for a more contemporary account of events. I'll read it when I'm finished with Miracle. And for good measure, I also got a copy of The Federalist Papers, although for now I only plan to use it as a reference rather than reading it all the way through.

Although I'm a few chapters into Miracle, I don't have any interesting observations yet. I'll post thoughts and comments as they occur to me, of course. After all, what is a blog for, if not boring random readers with your insightful commentary? ;-)

To refine and clarify this project, my goal is to build a personalized American history curriculum for an adult who has a good basic overview but who wants a little more depth -- namely: me. Any recommendations for my next topic and books on the same?

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