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Sunday, March 12, 2006


This was cross-posted from my mostly-unused LiveJoural blog, since Blogger was being stupid last night. Post-dated to correct time.

As you can guess by a post on LiveJournal, I'm once again shut out of Blogger. Well, actually, it is working, just too slowly to be useful. It's already 11:30 here, and I want to go to bed instead of spending the next 20 minutes hitting reload and waiting for the Blogger interface to load correctly.

Today was pretty nice. We got to sleep in some (which was nice after several nights of severe weather), then we lounged around and watched a few more episodes of Gilmore Girls. Later in the afternoon, we took Magaidh for a walk in the park in Springdale, then we went out to dinner with some friends at Las Fajitas, an outstanding little Mexican restaurant between Lowell and Springdale. They have fantastic margaritas (or so I'm told by people who like them).

I'm also dying to know more about the history of the building, since it's fairly old (by current local standards, anyway), and has a big (inoperative) neon sign on the north side proclaiming "Charcoal Steaks" or something to that effect. I have this romantic mental image of the building as a small, isolated road house located halfway between Springdale and Rogers back when 71B was only two lanes and it was still possible to be isolated anywhere around here. I'm sure the truth is much less prosaic, though, so I'm probably happier not knowing and sticking with my delusions.

Ye olde weather radar makes it look like we may be in for some more bad weather about 1am, so I'd better get to bed and get some sleep before it hits.


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